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The importance of creating measurable, time-specific goals with key drivers that will define your success

How to align your team’s diverse perspectives with one shared reality

Here's what our clients say

We truly thought - actually said - it was impossible for anyone to add that much value in a 2-day strategic offsite. Then Scott offered to do the work for free - pay him only if he succeeded. It was "an offer we couldn't refuse." One month later, we gladly paid him. He did a truly amazing job of helping us to collectively understand our supply chain as a whole and achieve our own seemingly impossible goal.

Ike Harris, VP, Global Notebook Supply Chain

In 2014, we had Scott assist us with highly substantial changes to our entire operational construct. His thoughtful and open-minded approach allowed us to see things that were right under our noses, but couldn’t detect due to the obscuration of our own past experiences. He made an incredibly positive difference. If I had one person to go to for my toughest issues, I would seek help from Scott.

Doug White, VP, Lockheed/Martin

Extremely intelligent, strategic, and trustworthy.

John Dukellis, Director, Product Management at Google

Who We Are:

Innate Strategies specializes in helping leaders understand the reality of their organization. We partner with leaders to map their team's ecosystem, KPI's, and success factors, eliminating confusion and conflict to ensure they can collaborate effectively. This shared reality allows them to streamline their internal operations and move forward with confidence.

Our unique methodology helps leaders, managers and stakeholders gain insight into what needs to be done to achieve their organization's goals. This process simplifies complex problems and creates streamlined solutions for execution. With a unique blend of skill sets and problem-solving tools, our team of consultants can identify issues in your organization and work with you to create a sustainable solution.

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