“Scott Spann has a unique and uncanny ability to help executives articulate business strategies and plans. It is as if he reaches down into their minds and hearts to help these executives extract the essence of their expertise to address current critical business challenges.”

Frank Rogers-Witte, Director, HP IPG Executive Staff Effectiveness


“Extremely intelligent, strategic, and trustworthy.”

– John “Duke” Dukellis, Director, Product Management at Google

Harnessing Chaos & Complexity Solutions


1-on-1 Leadership Goal & Mapping Session

The most efficient, effective place to start, I work with an individual leader to help sort and make sense of their complex world. Learn more

Team Exploration & Alignment

Knowing what to do is one thing – getting it done with others is another. Use this when you need to align a diverse team in less than a day. Learn more…

Organization/Ecosystem Mapping

Get your head around your toughest complex challenge in a way that includes and integrates myriad diverse actors & issues. Learn more..

Hi-Leverage Strategy/Execution Design

Success demands an executable strategy – one that converts high leverage into shared clarity, innovation and action. Learn more…

Mindset Shift

Internalizing a fundamentally better way of working – of Being in Work, like any skill, requires rigorous practice & feedback. Learn more…

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Solution Rough Estimates

Most solutions fall close to these numbers, but we’ll explore your needs when we speak.


Effortless Leadership

Deliverable: (Tangible) Clear, rigorous, actionable1-page Strategic Map of your Goal, Resources, Relationships, & Business Model; (Intangible) Clear, grounded ability to communicate & make decisions at speed with confidence.

Turnaround: 3 days

Your time investment: 1.5 hr interview, 1.5 hr debrief & deployment

Your financial investment: $5,000


Defining Your Reality

Deliverable: (Tangible) Shared Team Goal; shared reality-based Fact Base; Systemic Analysis of your ecosystem & Competitive Position; clear articulation of your future direction & magnitude; (Intangible) Deep, reality-based Team alignment, insight & relationship; lasting felt-sense of reality-based motivation.

Turnaround: 5 days

Your time investment: 1 hr co-design; 6 hrs delivery

Your financial investment: $20,000

Designing Your Ecosystem

Deliverable: (Tangible) A rigorous, Integrated Ecosystem Map of your challenge – one that your Team agrees explains how their world works at an actionable level; (Intangible) Literally gets your Team “on the same page” – as a way to “hold” the crucial, “must have” conversations & decisions.

Turnaround: 10 days

Your time investment: 12 1-on-1 1-hr interviews; 1 4-hour debrief

Your financial investment: $50,000

Distilling Leverage

Deliverable: (Tangible) Tested, integrated, cross-pollinated, systemic analysis & strategies with detailed goals, action plans, assignments & timelines; (Intangible) Shared team alignment, insight, strategic awareness, agreed upon commitments & momentum.

Turnaround: 7 days

Your time investment: 1hr co-design; 16 hrs delivery

Your financial investment: $40,000

Shifting Reality

 Deliverable: (Tangible) Immediately extending momentum towards your goal, achieving impact, & embedding a fundamental shift in the way work gets done; (Intangible) quickly, with minimal risk, demonstrating the ability to “move the needle” via self-management.

Turnaround: 90 days

Your time investment: 4hrs co-design; 4 hr launch mtg; 1 hr/wk delivery for 90 days

Your financial investment: $60,000

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