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Get on the Path to solving your “Impossible” problem in the Next 7 Days

Whether you’re a Leader or Consultant, the  “Effortless” Leadership process isn’t an Ideal, it’s an Imperative. With the increasing challenges confronting us today, we can’t just keep working harder and harder, expecting a better result. Something fundamental has to shift. This free 7 Days to “Effortless” Leadership Video Course will create a step-change in your performance by this time next week. Learn more…

Hi there, I’m Scott, founder of Innate Strategies.

Too many leaders and consultants today are struggling with reality – the reality of being Human working in Complex Systems in an increasingly competitive environment. So I’ve created a free short course that will have you solving your “impossible” problem 7 days from now – by working with (vs. against) our reality. I’ve worked with hundreds of CEO’s, COO’s, CxO’s and other leaders in differing industries, cultures, scopes and scales to get more done with less time, money and stress across a diverse range of issues, for example, how do we:

  • 3X our performance over the next 3 years (when things are about to break now)?
  • get our “head around” the complexity of our business today?
  • reduce costs by 30% this year – while maintaining quality?
  • stop waking up at 3am?

They’ve come from diverse industries, issues and cultures – and we’ve been surprisingly, consistently successful. I say surprising because what we’re doing is not rocket science – it’s just fundamental to being human. What I’ve discovered about how to solve these problems – quickly and effortlessly – is really quite straightforward – because we simply aligned our mindsets and our actions with reality – vs. assumptions, opinions or ideologies.

So if you, too, would like to discover how to solve your “impossible” problem in just 7 days, please join me.  

Included in the FREE 8-module Course

Welcome & Orientation

Once you sign up, you will immediately receive the first short video covering the why & what of solving the “impossible”. After this video you’ll be eager to get going!

Define your Goal

Getting crystal clear about what you need to cause is critical to success. On Day 1 I run through the 4 essential elements for a rock solid, successful goal.

Design your System

In this module I show you how to quickly & confidently frame the system that will guide you (& your team) from strategy through execution.

Now Draw It

Here you’ll create a simple, rigorous, easliy communicated model for generating effective, efficient strategy & execution.

Test your Goal

This module will make sure your clear, concise goal can achieve what’s most needed – while building the support cricital to getting it done.

Explore your System

Here your team will naturally align with the goal and with reality – while expanding shared insight and clarifying the work.

Identify your Levers

The ability to confidently act on a handful of levers enables a step-change in performance with a minimum of time, money & stress.

Take 1 Next Step

Getting into action quickly and learning is the second most valuable lesson in a complex system. You’ll put the 5 essentials into practice here. MVP, probe, act, align adjust…

Ready to go? Grab the course now and stop struggling with reality in 7 days.

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