“Effortless” Consulting – working with (vs. against) the reality of being human working in and on complex systems.

Effortless Consulting sounds a lot like Effortless Leadership, doesn’t it. Well, it should. Consultants, too, are working with humans in complex systems.

In my consulting work, I’m typically taking my clients into places they’ve not been before – systems mapping or modeling; looking factually and systemically at their behavior over time; exploring what it really means to be in relationship – with oneself, with one another and, most importantly, with reality; confronting the limits of what they think of as “practical” or “impossible” – equipping them for what’s most needed – that gap between their current and future reality.

In that role, I’m often “leading” – not their organization – but how they think about their own leadership, their people and their relationship to their work and the world.

And, when I do that well, it’s “effortless” – I don’t struggle, we don’t struggle – we’re continuously aligning, acting and adjusting to create, as my friends at Conversant say, increasing “Cycles of Value” vs. “Cycles of Waste” – priming a reinforcing “pump” that strengthens and grows over time.

So, from that perspective, much of what I have to say about Effortless Consulting derives from Effortless Leadership. We are, after all, all humans trying to get good work done in complex systems. So, if you have any questions about that, feel free to head over there, too, and have a look.

For real world stories about Effortless Consulting, keep an eye on that category in the sidebar…

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