Emergent Impact – Organization/Network/Movement Building from the Ground Up

Emergent Impact is what makes Effortless Leadership and Effortless Consulting work – why it’s possible at all – by working with Emergence, not against it.

Emergent Impact exists between two ends of a spectrum – what it means to be human, on the one; what it means to be part of a complex-adaptive system (a society, an economy, an ecosystem, etc.) on the other.

On the human end, Emergent Impact works with (vs. against) what it means to be fully human. By that I mean designing as if most people:
• Want to do the right thing – and, in complex systems, that’s not always straightforward.
• Want to live lives of meaning and belonging – and we’re all trying to relearn how to do that
• Are designed to collaborate and succeed – we’ve just been systematically taught not to
• Need to be challenged and to learn – and need the two to be closely coupled
• Value being led – and are tired of being misled

On the other end of the spectrum, Emergent Impact works with (vs. against) whole systems. By that I mean that we have to get aligned about:
• The state of reality
• The structure that determines that reality
• Where to intervene in that structure to change reality
• How to make the structural then behavioral changes needed to change our reality.

The pathway between the two works from the ground up, from:
• The individual
• To the Subgroup (or Team)
• To the Whole group (or Organization, Network or Movement)
To enable action at the level of
• the Ecosystem.

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